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A Traditional Archery experience that is not only FUN, but helps your mind to FOCUS, body to BREATHE, limbs to EXERCISE, heart to CONNECT and spirit to DEVELOP

Why Traditional Archery?

Sacred Hadiths

A compilation of 40 authentic Ahadith on archery as gathered and commented upon by the Master Archer, Katib Abdullah Efendi over four hundred years ago. This work was later compiled in "Telhis-i Resailu'r-rumat" by Mustafa Kani who was charged by Sultan Mahmud II with an imperial decree, in 1835, to compile a book which was to be a summary of all the most relevant skills and traditions of Islamic archery, as perfected by the Ottomans. The book finally appeared in print in 1847, and it is thanks to this far sighted Sultan that we have records and references, thereby preserving these sacred traditions of archery. read more ►

Benefits of Traditional Archery

Traditional archery has become a forgotten sport and a forgotten tradition. As you struggle in this modern age in school and at work, getting sufficient exercise and maintaining focus as well as concentration is a challenge. This is where archery can prove that it is the sport that can help you. It is a sport almost anyone can participate in which will get your creative juices flowing as you learn how to shoot like the best. The joy of Traditional Archery is in its simplicity and its complexity. At its base level, it is simply a bow and arrow, but to use these tools well, takes practice and a desire to improve. It will give you a boost in a number of aspects in your life outside the sport. read more ►

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